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GM Awarded Best Overall Loyalty to Manufacturer!

February 17th, 2017

Getting into the car market can be confusing when you don’t know where to start. There are so many brands, makes, models, and manufacturers that any normal person can easily be overwhelmed. A smart way to get into the car market is to first check out the manufacturer. When a good company has customers who come back time and time again, they’re usually a good bet. The same kind of logic can also be said about car manufacturers. If everyone else continues to want a certain manufacturer’s vehicles, it’s probably because that manufacturer knows their customers and knows how to make great vehicles. When it came to 2017’s Best Overall Loyalty to the Manufacturer, Information Handling Services (IHS for short) gave the award to the manufacturer General Motors (GM) for their superb vehicles as well as great customer services. It’s this kind of loyalty to General Motors that has given them this award not only for this year, but also for 2016. This is probably because of General Motors’s ability to consistently keep customers coming back for their quality vehicles. And the best part about GM getting the Best Overall Loyalty award is that you can trust that their vehicles will be able to keep up with you and your lifestyle. If you’re interested in a GM vehicle, then check out Jerry Seiner Chevrolet in Salt Lake City and their inventory of General Motors Vehicles!

What Does This Mean?

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Having the Best Overall Loyalty to Manufacturer award essentially means that the company (GM) is very good at having customers come back to buy their automobiles. There are several different categories for what describes “loyalty” and out of all the other automobile manufacturers, General Motors was able to take regular customers and not only make them loyalists (customers who tend to buy from the same company), but turn them into super loyalists (customers who almost always go with the same company). The Best Overall Loyalty to Manufacturer award also says that these customers are not necessarily buying the same vehicle (like the Best Overall Loyalty to Make Award), but the manufacturer’s products as a whole. Altogether, it means that in the past 2 years, General Motors has been able to create products as well as vehicles that customers like to the point where they will buy again, or begin to only buy from that specific manufacturer. So when it comes to getting your own vehicle, it’s a smart choice to go with one of the General Motors vehicles offered from Jerry Seiner Chevrolet in Salt Lake City. A car is a big life decision, so getting one from a trusted brand will get rid of a lot of needless searching.

Dream Dealership

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While getting a vehicle can sometimes be a huge headache, the professional and friendly staff of Jerry Seiner Chevrolet in Salt Lake City can make your search and purchase a lot more hassle-free. Our inventory is stocked with quality new vehicles like those of the Best Overall Loyalty awarded General Motors, or used vehicles that can come in a variety of popular brands. When you’ve chosen the car of your dreams, we can work with you to find the right way to finance your new vehicle with our Financing Department. Our finance team has great relationships with several different lending sources, which means that you will have a lot more options when it comes to choosing how to pay for your vehicle. When all is said and purchased, you can also take advantage of our incredible services like automobile maintenance and parts. Whether you need a quick oil change or new brakes, the auto technicians from Jerry Seiner Chevrolet can provide it for you. So when it comes to your next vehicle, go with a manufacturer that everyone trusts; the maker who won Best Overall Loyalty to Manufacturer, General Motors. Simply pick up the phone and call, click online, or take a stop by our dealership and get started on your search for a quality vehicle today!

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