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Put Your Trust in the Jerry Seiner Dealership Guarantee

May 26th, 2017

You’ll be Impressed with the Jerry Seiner Dealership Guarantee

We’ve all heard the stories and seen it portrayed in movies. Getting really excited about going to buy a new car and getting hustled by a sleazy and pushy car salesman. While these might be a bit hyperbolic, buying a new car can be a scary experience. It’s a massive investment and something that you need to perform regularly so you can live your everyday life. You not only want to find the best deal, but you want to know your new purchase is something you can rely on for a very long time. These reasons are exactly why the Jerry Seiner Dealership Guarantee was created by Jerry Seiner Chevrolet.

What Exactly is the Jerry Seiner Dealership Guarantee?

The Jerry Seiner Dealership Guarantee is very simple. Seiner Chevrolet will beat any competitor price on any new General Motors vehicle or will service your newly purchased vehicle for free for twenty four months. The service schedule is not limited to once or twice a year, but follows exactly the factory recommended maintenance schedule. To beat a vehicle price all you have to do is bring an order signed by a manager of any other General Motors dealership and Seiner Chevrolet will beat the price as long as the vehicles are comparably equipped. If no comparable vehicle is in stock, Seiner Chevrolet will order the vehicle for you as to honor the price. Jerry Seiner Dealerships will also pay full market value on all trades and encourage customers to trade elsewhere if they can find a better price than what is offered by Seiner Dealerships. The Guarantee is that simple, but it’s not the only reason you should bring your business to Seiner Chevrolet.

Jerry Seiner Philosophy

The Jerry Seiner Dealership Guarantee isn’t the only benefit about shopping at their dealership. Their vision is divided and practiced along five business ideals – standards, commitment, loyalty and trust, excellence, and balance. All of these aspects combine to provide superior customer service to everyone who walks into their doors. Standards are set so that every employee knows exactly what is expected of them every day. Commitment proves to the community that Seiner Dealerships have their best interest in mind. Showing customers loyalty and trust encourages repeat and word of mouth business by providing consistent customer relations. Excellence is everyone doing their best to exceed expectations every single day and with every single sale. And balance is recognizing the importance of a life and work balance between customers and employees.

Jerry Seiner Chevrolet in Salt Lake City, UT is exemplary in providing all of these aspects in providing fantastic customer service. It will be worth your while to pay them a visit and browse their inventory, with full knowledge that you will get exactly what you pay for and much more. Put your trust in the Jerry Seiner Dealership Guarantee today so you can have faith in your future.

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